Guillermo Rodas looking sit in a yellow Secretlab Cyberpunk version chair

Hello, I'm Guillermo Rodas

I help developers to improve their skills while creating quality products.

I'm a Full-stack JavaScript Developer from Colombia living in Sweden.
Organizer of CSS Community Dev, and CSS Conf Colombia.
Google Developer Expert, Auth0 Ambassador, and Twitch Partner.

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About me

Short bio

I'm Guillermo Rodas, I'm a Full-stack JavaScript Developer with more than 11 years of experience from Colombia living in Sweden since 2019. I'm also organizer of CSS Community Dev an umbrella organization for different CSS communities around the world (MedellΓ­n, BogotΓ‘, and Stockholm), and organizer of CSS Conf Colombia an international CSS conference.I'm Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, Auth0 Ambassador, Twitch Partner in the Software and Game Development category, and teacher in Platzi and CΓ³digo facilito the biggest online education platforms in Latin America.

Long bio

Everything started when I was 14 years old and wanted to create a website but didn't know how.In that journey, I found a platform called [Blogger]( and I quickly noticed that this blogging service has a sort of template code configuration. I realise that the code has some links to the images used in the theme of the blog, so I started replacing such links with other link images. Eventually, I was modifying the CSS without knowing that it was CSS.During the next 2 years, I also learned by myself some Visual Basic, Flash, and some C++ from school.I joined Systems Engineering at the university mostly following my friends because at that time I thought I could learn coding just on the internet, and maybe I should try another career more design related since it was something that I was exploring at that time as well. I learned many important things at the university but it was until I took an extra summer course that I really get into the web. In that program, I learned PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and some CSS.My first few jobs were coding mostly in JAVA, but little by little my heart fall in love with JavaScript, and after joining a JS Conf and discovering Node.js I decided to focus on JavaScript to create products.It will continue...

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My Setup

This is almost a complete list of any configuration, software, and gear that I use on daily basis. If you notice that something is missed or you have more questions, please send me a direct message on Twitter.


A MacBook Pro on a standing desk, with a mechanical keyboard, and a logitech mouse on a white table. You can see on the MacBook's screen the image of the photographer taking this picture.

Macbook Pro 16-inch, 2019

  • Processor: 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9

  • Memory: 32GB 2667 MHz DDR4

  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB, and Intel UHD Graphics

  • Disk: 1TB of flash storage

Razer Blade 15-inch, 2020

  • Processor: 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i7

  • Memory: 32GB 2933 MHz DDR4

  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 8GB, and Intel UHD Graphics

  • Disk: 1TB of flash storage

I use a different MacBook Pro from my employer exclusive for work.


Visual Studio Code with One Dark Pro Vivid theme, with Material icons, JetBrains Mono font, these snippets, shorcuts, and the following recommended plugins:


iTerm with Snazzy Colors, and Pure Prompt, but currently testing Warp.

Desktop Apps

Essential desktop apps for my work and leisure. Some of them I have paid them twice in order to use them at work.

Chrome Extensions

Streaming Setup

A 49 inches Dell monitor with two mechanical keyboards on a Magnus Desk and a Secret lab chair, Cyberpunk edition. You can see also a few gadgets on the desk as a Rode Mic, and Stream Deck, MuteMe button, and Logitech webcam. The room walls are yellow.

Even though I have a streaming setup that I can use with any of my laptops (everything is connected thought a Thunderbolt cable) I don't really needed it to code so some times I move to my couch, office, mall or cafe.

Desktop Setup

Portable Setup

Desk Setup


These are some of the apps and services that I pay because they make my life easier and fun. Remember that paying for software and services is an excellent way to support other developers.

I also pay for a couple of domains, servers, email accounts, meetups, apps, and content creator subscriptions.

Check my project to manage your own subscriptions finances, Sublr.

Other Gear

More stuff that is convenient to have for different purposes.

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